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Distributors Of Scientific Equipment & Chemicals For Research & Analysis

Jamaica Laboratory & Industrial Suppliers Ltd is one of the leading supplier of Chemicals and Scientific equipment for research and analysis in the industrial, medical and educational sectors in the Caribbean

Laboratory Supplies

We supply Chemicals & Reagents, Test Kits, Glassware & Plasticware, Test Tubes, Beakers, Flasks, Petri Dishes, Culture Tubes and various other laboratory supplies which are of supreme quality.


Select from a wide range of products such as Microscope slides and Cover glass, Micro centrifuge tubes, Autoclave bags, Filter paper PH paper-tabs, Gloves, Lab coats etc.

Scientific Equipment

We supply a range of scientific equipment like Incubators, Ovens, Water Baths, Lab Refrigerators & Freezers, Fume Hoods, Laminar Flow, Stools & Chairs, Sinks, Taps-Gas & Water.

We have experience in the field of sciences for over 30 years and provide you with the best brands from Thomas Scientific, Cole Palmer, Oxoid, Microbiologics and others

We provide the widest range of world class Scientific Products in Jamaica.

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